Amazing Sexual Health Benefits of Shilajit You Didn’t Know: Rasayanam

Shilajit Is Also Considered Ideal for Treating a Wide Range of Reproductive Issues and Promote Better Sexual Health. 

Enhances Sperm Motility

For having better chances of conceiving, it is crucial for the sperm to be of excellent quality and motile. Shilajit is believed to increase sperm motility by around 50-60 percent.

Increases Testosterone levels and boosts Libido

Daily intake of Shilajit can help in boosting the testosterone levels in men up to 20 percent.

Increases sperm production

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Shilajit is highly effective and it can increase the sperm count in men by 50 to 70 percent if taken in the right quantity

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Better sexual performance

Shilajit is filled with minerals and antioxidants that encourage proper blood flow to the reproductive parts and overall improved bodily functions






Shilajit is considered a safe and potent supplement that aids in treating and preventing severe diseases. It is admired in Ayurveda and modern practitioners have also acknowledged its goodness and the major Shilajit benefits it provides. If taken in the suggested quantity, it can do wonders for your sexual health.