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Discover the benefits of saffron during pregnancy you must know

benefits of saffron during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a sweet journey to motherhood and probably the best part of a woman’s life. Carrying and nourishing a baby in your womb for nine months is a great responsibility. 

During this journey to motherhood, what you eat majorly impacts your overall health and the life growing inside of you. And for that, you get a lot of advice pieces such as drinking milk during pregnancy, drinking more fluids, eating fiber foods, etc. 

Amidst all these bits of advice, Saffron or Kesar is a term that you hear a lot since it is the most suggested Ayurvedic spice to ingest during pregnancy. 

Saffron and Pregnancy

Saffron is a great spice to consume during pregnancy as it is filled with medicinal qualities that help combat the irritable symptoms of pregnancy. It helps you come to grips with emotions such as stress, anxiety, mood swings, and more. 

Saffron or Kesar is an aromatic spice reaped from the stigma of the flowers called Crocus Sativus that emits a sweet honey-like fragrance. On average, 30 mg of Saffron can be obtained from this fresh flower. It is the dried stigma, which is a red thread-like structure plucked out from these light-purple flowers. 

Intake of saffron in pregnancy provides several health benefits of saffron(Kesar) such as improved digestion, increased appetite, busting stress, fighting cancer, controlling blood sugar, increasing pelvic blood flow during pregnancy, etc.

Incredible benefits of Saffron during pregnancy

If you are thinking about what is saffron good for, below given are its amazing benefits. Here is how taking a few strands of Saffron (not more than 8-10 gm) on a daily basis can help a pregnant woman. 

Reduces Blood Pressure 

When taken in small amounts over a while, saffron aids in significantly reducing blood pressure. Pregnancy affects blood pressure levels as blood circulation increases during this time. High blood pressure leads to Hypertension, which is common to happen during pregnancy. 

Mood swings are the most common problem for pregnant women due to hormonal changes. These mood swings can make you short-tempered and irritable. Saffron works as a serotonin-producing antidepressant by amplifying the blood flow in your body. This in turn helps you come out of the cranky mood and remain in high spirits. 

Better Sleep Quality

The discomfort you feel during your pregnancy has adverse effects on your sleep. You have probably wasted a lot of time watching Netflix and tossing and turning all night, while all you had to was take a warm glass of saffron milk. Saffron soothes anxiety and your overall mood and thus, can help you have a better sleep. 

Improves Heart Function 

The unusual junk food cravings during pregnancy are sure to increase your calorie intake, which increases your cholesterol levels and affects your heart health. Saffron helps on lowering down cholesterol levels and thus, protect your and your baby’s heart. The substances in saffron prevent the clogging of arteries or blood vessels and increase the blood flow to the heart. 

Prevents allergies

Allergies and infections are unavoidable when you are pregnant. Saffron in pregnancy will help mitigate various symptoms of allergies such as cough, difficulty breathing, and chest congestion. To ensure that you are free from unwanted allergies, daily saffron intake is advisable. Applying saffron paste also aids in healing wounds and burns. 

Relieves Cramps

During pregnancy, the bones and muscles keep on stretching in order to adjust to the baby growing inside. The cramps can be mild, bearable, or severe, but they are going to happen. Saffron acts as a painkiller to help relieve the pain and soothe the muscles in your body. Add Saffron to your pregnancy diet to feel more comfortable. 

Apart from the above, you can also feel your baby move inside you after you have taken the glass of saffron milk. This magical spice increases your body heat and it is possible to feel baby movements after a few weeks of taking saffron. 

Saffron during pregnancy: Is it safe? 

Saffron is a safe option to include in your diet during pregnancy provided you take it in moderation. It is important to drink milk during pregnancy since it is a rich source of nutrients and helps keep you strong.

Generally, this exotic spice is consumed by adding its strands to a glass of milk. Saffron is extremely beneficial for pregnant women especially when it is combined with milk. You can also add these precious red threads to the rice pudding, buttermilk, and biryani. 

However, avoid taking it in large doses as it can cause complicated problems such as uterus contraction, high blood pressure, etc. Taking this invaluable spice in moderation is the key to getting its best benefits for supporting your maternal health. 

Saffron during pregnancy: How to eat it? 

Saffron has many medicinal benefits and aids the digestion of pregnant women. In case you are wondering how to eat saffron, there are many ways to consume it to get its benefits. 

Saffron milk– You can grind the Saffron strands or simply add them to the glass of your preg milk. Start taking this milk once you enter the fifth month of your pregnancy. 

Crushed Saffron– You can also crush the dried Saffron and add it to different types of Indian sweet dishes such as rice pudding, sweet vermicelli, etc. 

Saffron water– If you don’t feel like eating the sweet stuff, all you have to do is just add the saffron strands to plain water and drink it. 

Saffron during pregnancy: Side Effects 

Saffron has no side effects if taken in the right quantities and the amount of saffron intake also depends on your health condition. If ingested in high doses, it can give out different saffron side effects such as:

  • The over-increased body heat due to excessive saffron intake can lead to uterine contractions, which may also become the cause of a miscarriage. 
  • Some pregnant women may experience hypersensitivity due to Saffron as it does not suit all. This hypersensitivity can result in headaches, nausea, anxiety, etc. 
  • The sedative quality of the Saffron may induce dizziness in some women. High doses of Saffron lead to dizziness and the inability to stay awake all the time. 
  • High doses of Saffron may also make you numb as you won’t be able to feel some of your body parts. You may feel a tingling sensation in your mouth, hands, or lips. 

Closing words

Saffron (Kesar) is packed with amazing benefits for pregnant women. The only thing to take care of is to take in small quantity and that would be enough for your overall health. However, to assure that you are getting the best benefits of saffron, it is crucial that you buy high-quality and pure saffron. Also, make sure that the saffron is not an adulterated one; it should not have white or yellow threads as they are the parts of the flowers mixed with the red Saffron threads.

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