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Valerian root is a perennial plant extensively used around the globe for its incredible ability to beat insomnia, anxiety, depression, etc. The valerian root extract is accessible in many forms such as tablets, capsules, etc. It has high medicinal value and has been used since the second century to treat major ailments, primarily sleep disorders. Valerian root is found mainly in countries such as Europe, North America, and Britain. The main advantage or use of valerian root is curing sleep disorders and this herb has been used for several years for its efficacy in inducing sleep. But there are other health benefits of valerian root extract.

Benefits of using valerian root

Effective for treating sleep disorders

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There are several valerian root benefits since it has amazing tranquilizing effects and is considered highly effective in causing sleep. It also enhances the sleep quality and there are no side effects, unlike other sleeping supplements that make you feel dizzy or drowsy the next morning. Its sedative properties relax the muscles and significantly help in mitigating insomnia or other sleep disorders. Consuming a single dose of valerian root extracts on a daily basis improves the duration of deep sleep.

Reduces anxiety and stress

Valerian root for anxiety is an ideal supplement as it helps in increasing the amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain, which is a chemical that aids in stabilizing the nerve cells. The balanced nerve cells in turn help in alleviating stress and anxiety. Moreover, unlike other anti-anxiety drugs, the valerian root herb produces no side effects.

Aids in lowering blood pressure

Valerian root pills have hypotensive properties that ensure better circulation of blood pressure in the body. Also, the properties of valerian root that help in reducing anxiety and stress work the same way in regulating effective blood pressure in your body. This way you experience managed blood pressure levels within a few weeks of consuming valerian root extracts.

Help in curing skin problems

Valerian root extract can also be applied directly to the skin and help in treating wounds, cuts, and clearing out harmful bacteria from the skin. When taken in the form of pills, valerian root blocks the production of the bacteria that harm the skin and give rise to skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, etc. It also helps in preventing the formation of wrinkles on your skin, and thus, works as an effective anti-aging supplement.

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Treats the symptoms of menopause

The symptoms of menopause affect your sleep as you deal with hot flashes day and night. Taking around 300 mg of valerian root pills will help substantially bring down the frequency of the hot flashes and cool down the temperature of your body. These hot flashes can be extremely hard to handle and cause trouble while you sleep. It is important to start taking valerian root in any form to combat the raised body temperature levels when you are nearing menopause.

Effective for treating head and body aches

The soothing and muscle-relaxing qualities of the valerian root extract are helpful in easing painful achy migraines. It is also highly effective for curing lower back pain, and one dose of valerian root supplement is enough to let you get rid of the body ache and enjoy a relaxed sleep.

Improves cognitive functions and memory

Valerian root pills can help patients recover from surgery, especially the ones that are capable of damaging the cognitive abilities of an individual. Researches have shown that it aids in reducing the oxidative stress in the brain, and thus, helps in keeping the brain and memory function intact. Intake of valerian root extract for over two months significantly helps in enhancing memory and cognitive functions and is used for the patients who have gone through heart surgery for restoring their normal brain functions.

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Improves digestion and treats muscle spasms

Taking valerian root supplement increases the digestion speed and also helps in alleviating all kinds of stomach pains or cramps. Improved digestion also means improved sleep quality as you and your stomach can rest better during night-time. It is also useful in treating muscle spasms or aches caused due to issues in the alignment of muscles or tight muscles in the body. It eases muscle cramping and menstrual cramps.

How effective is valerian root for combating sleep problems?

If you are wondering about the valerian root benefits for treating sleep problems and inducing quality sleep, then there is nothing better than this herb. Valerian root relaxes your muscles and body and quickly puts you in a deep sleep. However, it is suggested to get the help of a physician before you stick to consuming valerian root India in any form. The doctor can suggest to you better concerning the whole course of medication or supplement you are to follow if your aim is to maximize the quality of your sleep. Instead of going for any over-the-counter valerian root extract drugs, it is better to stick to a certified Ayurvedic supplement with no side effects. In case you aim to use valerian root pills for getting rid of your sleep disorder, you can buy Sleep+. This supplement is all you need to experience improved sleep quality and keep your anxiety at bay. Besides the high concentration of valerian root extracts in Sleep+, it also has chamomile and lavender that calms your body to a great extent and works together with valerian root properties in order to magnificently improve the quality and duration of your sleep. This supplement with magnified properties of valerian root, and made with Mediterranean plants is the only thing you need to rejoice in a deep relaxing sleep every night.

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