What's Biotin

One of the B complex vitamins, biotin is known as the "forgotten vitamin". It aids in the transformation of food into energy and promotes the health of the skin and hair.

When looking for hair treatments in the hair care section of a store or online, biotin may come up as a possible option. This B vitamin is known for keeping your hair healthy, and physicians commonly suggest it to treat hair loss.

Biotin and Clear Skin

Biotin supplements have been related to fat metabolism and promotion of collagen production, a protein that is behind plump and young-looking skin.

Generally speaking, nuts and seeds are rich providers of vitamin biotin, albeit the amount of the nutrient varies. Biotin is present in foods like almonds, pecans, peanuts, walnuts, and walnut oil.

Contain 2.4 mcg of biotin. Additionally, they contain beta-carotene, a well-known antioxidant with amazing skin benefits.