Saffron Buying Guide: Essential Tips to Ensure Authenticity and Qualit

Saffron or Kesar is manually harvested from the stigma of the Saffron flowers. The stigma of the crocus contrasts sharply with the flower petals as they are red or bright orange. These flowers bloom for a short time during the autumn months, which makes the spice even more precious.

A Brief Guide on Choosing Authentic Saffron

1. Avoid Saffron powders 2. Saffron aroma 3. Pick Certified Grade A+ Saffron 4. Choosing the Right Type of Saffron

Factors to be considered before buying Saffron

Aftermath of Buying Saffron

After you have worked on the above factors to find your perfect saffron online or from a store, there are still some chances of fallacies. If you are cautious about the saffron you ingest, you might want to do the extra work of testing its quality. Since the shopkeeper won’t allow you to run an experiment on his shop, you have to buy it and take it to your home.

The Water Test & The Baking Soda   are the tests that can be done at home only