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Is Saffron Really The Secret to a Fairer, Adorable skin

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Saffron, the brilliant red and orange spice, comes from the style of the flower Crocus Sativus. Often known as ‘Red Gold,’ saffron is the most expensive spice on the planet and is an essential part of culinary heritage, but also has tremendous medicinal properties. Besides protecting your body from heart diseases mental health disorders such as depression, and preventing obesity, saffron has amazing benefits for your skin, too. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicinal systems to make the skin look youthful and beautiful.

Let’s get to know how saffron helps you achieve fairer and flawless skin.

Why Should You Consider Adding Saffron To Your Skincare Routine?

Saffron is abundant in antioxidants and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. These extend a range of benefits for your skin, making it fairer.

Let’s take a look at the Saffron benefits for your skin:

Makes Skin Brighter

As you age, your skin changes in appearance. A common complaint is hyperpigmentation, also known as sun spots or dark spots. This is when patches of darker skin appear on your face due to reasons such as hormonal changes, pregnancy, or excessive exposure to the sun. Medications or injuries to the skin may also lead to dark skin patches.

Saffron is rich in vitamin C and has anti-inflammatory properties, which are excellent for a reduction in pigmentation. Once the dark spots on your skin are reduced, your skin naturally appears to be fairer and brighter.

Reduces Acne

Acne is a common skin problem that mostly occurs during puberty. When the tiny holes on your skin, known as hair follicles, get blocked with dead skin, excess oil, or bacteria, it causes acne. Acne not just causes skin irritation but also makes it look blotchy and may leave scars.

Saffron has anti-fungal properties that help prevent and reduce the occurrence of acne. When acne is treated in time, it also prevents the possibility of scars on your face.

Reduces Blemishes

Hormonal changes, chronic stress & anxiety, and varying temperatures may lead to blemishes on your face. Spending extra hours in the sun and certain food allergies also cause blemishes. This skin condition may cause your face to look swollen and even darker.

Saffron has excellent exfoliating properties that help slough off dead layers of skin. By revealing fresher and blemish-free skin, it helps in making your skin fairer and more youthful.

Fights Inflammation

At times, when facial tissues enlarge or get inflamed, it makes your face look swollen. This is quite a common condition that occurs due to multiple causes, such as infections, injuries, or allergic reactions.

Saffron contains antioxidant properties due to its crocin content. It fights oxidative stress that causes inflammation and reduces swelling on the face. Crocin also reduces the production of inflammatory proteins that lead to inflammation of the facial skin.

Promotes Wound Healing

Wounds on the skin often lead to infections and even scarring if not treated in time. Some of the most common causes of skin wounds are cuts or injuries. When the skin breaks due to a wound, germs can enter your skin, causing infections. Facial scars often lead to lower self-esteem and negative self-image.

Saffron is a wonderful ingredient that has amazing healing properties for facial wounds and scars. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties promote wound healing by enhancing cell multiplication. This leads to faster wound healing and removal of wound-related scars.

Protects From Harmful Sun Exposure

Excessive exposure to the sun and its harmful UV rays leads to several long-term effects on the skin. Some of these include inflammation, redness, itching, and premature aging. This exposure also leads to blemishes and wrinkles. All these issues make your skin appear darker and less youthful.

Crocin, the most active compound in saffron, and its antioxidant properties protect your skin against the harm of ultraviolet rays. It also saves your skin from UVB (ultraviolet B) rays that lead to premature aging.

Moisturizes Skin

There are several reasons why your skin turns dry. Low humidity conditions, dry and cold weather, and windy conditions often lead to skin dryness. Washing your face too frequently or scrubbing it more than twice a week also leads to dry and flaky skin. When precious oils get stripped off your skin, it may appear darker than it usually is.

Saffron is an excellent moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated and gives it a fairer appearance.

How To Use Saffron To Make Your Skin Fairer?

Now that you know the benefits of using saffron on your skin, here are some ways in which you can include saffron in your routine:

·      Saffron gel: This cooling gel reduces inflammation on the skin and prevents redness. To make this gel, crush and mix a couple of strands of saffron with aloe vera gel and rose water. Rub the lotion onto your skin until it absorbs.

·      Saffron toner: Add crushed saffron strands in rose water and let it stand for a couple of days. Pour this mix into a spray bottle and use it as a toner to refresh your skin.

·      Saffron face mask: To soothe inflamed skin, make a saffron mask by mixing crushed saffron strands with honey. Apply it all over your face and let it stay for 10 minutes. Wash off with cool water.

·      Saffron oil: For dry and flaky skin, mix crushed strands of saffron with oils of either grapeseed or almond. This acts as a great moisturizer and leaves your skin looking fairer and healthier.

You can also easily add saffron to your food and drinks. You can make:

·      Saffron tea: Crushing 4-5 threads of saffron can make this. Then, add boiled milk or water to them and steep for 10 minutes. Once the mix turns yellowish-red, drink it lukewarm.

·      Sprinkle saffron over desserts or rice.

Are There Any Side Effects of Saffron?

Saffron is a naturally-occurring spice that rarely causes side effects. However, its good to know of some skin-related issues that it may cause:

·      Saffron may cause an allergic reaction when applied directly to the skin.

·      It may cause burning on the skin.

·      Runny nose.

·      Redness in the eyes.

·      When consumed orally, saffron may cause gastrointestinal problems. These may include constipation, bloat, or abdominal cramps.

The Bottom Line

Kashmiri Saffron has been used for ages to make skin look fairer and free of blemishes. It is a safe ingredient that can be used by people of all ages and skin types. All you need to do is use it moderately so that you don’t witness any side effects and gain beautiful-looking skin.

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