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Why Timing is Everything While Taking Shilajit

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When it comes to Shilajit, timing can be everything. Of course, everyone sometimes feels low on energy, but when you feel that it is impacting the quality of your life (or relationships), then it’s probably the best time to think about using Shilajit the right way. 

What exactly is Shilajit?

In the Ayurvedic texts, Shilajit has been described as the “Destroyer of weakness,” and it is rich in Fulvic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, Shilajit has another essential compound, i.e. Phyto complex known as Humic acid. Besides this, Shilajit has over 85 different minerals (including trace minerals) and vitamins. 

These elements are known to renew energy and potency in the body, however being so powerful you must understand the right timing and the right way of its consumption. Having said that, modern Shilajit is extracted from the rocks of the Himalayas where contamination occurs due to human activity in the region. But first, let’s quickly talk about some of the benefits of Shilajit.

1. When you’re feeling low on energy, immunity, and strength

A study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition demonstrated that Shilajit supplementation enhances muscular strength and alters fatigue-related characteristics. This is the reason why fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders have always depended upon this.

2. When you want to lift up your mood

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Stress is common in today’s fast-paced world. This chronic stress not just hampers your ability to lead a wholesome life but also is the root cause of several diseases too. These may include hypertension, obesity, and more.

To stay calm during stressful periods and prevent the impact of stress on your mind and body, your body needs to secrete some hormones. Shilajit helps your brain secrete some special feel-good hormones such as dopamine. These neurotransmitters act as a stress-buster and reduce the impact of aging on the body.

3. When you want to balance your sexual health

Testosterone is an essential hormone responsible for various facets of the health of both men and women. In men, healthy levels of this hormone help in making sperm necessary for reproduction. It also affects the production of red blood cells, bone and muscle mass, and mental health. In women, it helps manage their sex drive and optimal bone density levels.

According to a National Library of Medicine study, one of the most important Shilajit health benefits is that it helps increase testosterone levels after regular supplementation. 

Now if you want to experience all these benefits, let’s see how and when you should take Shilajit. 

What time of the day is the best for Shilajit?

This is one of the often-asked questions: ‘When to take Shilajit?’ And there’s no single best answer. But still, we will provide you with certain guidelines which will help you observe a noticeable difference in your power. 

What’s best – Shilajit before or after a meal or on an empty stomach?

As we discussed earlier, Shilajit contains certain trace elements like nickel, copper, manganese, etc. that you want your digestive system to absorb. Of course, if it goes down the drain then you miss those amazing benefits. So how can you ensure that you absorb as much Shilajit as possible?

By reducing interference. Basically, it means you avoid taking Shilajit along with regular food. Because our digestive system is designed to break down nutrients and process them without any partiality. If it’s preoccupied with processing so many other nutrients then it misses to absorb Shilajit fully. So the best way to make sure your digestive system absorbs Shilajit is by consuming it on an empty stomach. And this practice of having Shilajit on an empty stomach completely aligns with Ayurvedic traditions also.

What’s better – warm water or cold water?

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Although most of us don’t notice but temperature of water can affect our digestive powers. To begin with, cold water can lower your digestive powers. It happens in a few ways. First, the enzymatic activities go down. Stomach acid and enzymes play a crucial role in processing nutrients. Cold water can lead to suboptimal performance of the enzymes. Second, digestion activates blood flow in the stomach region. But cold water can constrict those blood vessels thus resulting in poor efficiency of the digestive process. Although some people can tolerate both hot and cold water without having any impact on their digestion. Yet, it’s advised to have Shilajit with warm water – at least have it with normal room temperature if there’s no other possibility.

Is it a good thing to Consume shilajit with milk?

In Ayurveda, Anupana is a substance that acts as a vehicle or carrier used to enhance the absorption and effectiveness of a herb. So Consume Shilajit with milk improves the bioavailability of nutrients thus supporting the absorption. Plus, warm milk has a relaxing and calming effect so it further facilitates the digestive process.

What’s best – Shilajit in the morning or at night?

Ayurveda tells us that digestion is strong in the morning. Apart from this, since Shilajit has a lot of energy when you take it in the evening it can interrupt the regular sleep schedule. And you certainly don’t want this to happen. So if you take Shilajit in the morning – you might see a good impact.

Can you combine Shilajit with natural sweeteners?

Shilajit can have a bitter taste and some people may want to make it somewhat acceptable to their taste buds. The good news is natural sweeteners like honey, and jaggery have a therapeutic effect on the body and they, in fact, enhance absorption of nutrients. So clearly, if you add some honey to the daily Shilajit ritual you’ll notice a better effect.

What Is The Appropriate Dosage of Shilajit?

To gain all those wonderful health benefits of Shilajit, it is essential to consume it in appropriate dosages. According to the International Journal of Ayurveda Research, its recommended dosage is between 300 and 500 milligrams in a day. That’s about a peanut size of Shilajit. Rasayanam’s Shilajit comes with a spoon so you don’t have to worry about the correct dose. However, before including Shilajit in your routine, you must speak to your physician to prevent any adverse effects and reactions.

Conclusion:  What’s the best timing & dose of Shilajit

We have seen how common practices can reduce the effectiveness of Shilajit and how most people miss out on the full benefits of this traditional medicine. To ensure maximum bioavailability of the nutrients, we recommend the following things to maximize their absorption in your body:

  • Consume it in the early morning hours on an empty stomach.
  • The best and easiest way to consume Shilajit is to dissolve it in milk or water.
  • You can also mix it with honey.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol for the duration of your Shilajit supplementation
  • Since Shilajit produces an immense amount of energy in the body, we advise not taking it just before bed.
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53 Responses

    1. Dear Sir/Mam,
      We would like to inform you that,Shilajit dosage is not depend on the sexual intercourse timing, Kindly find the below details for dosage information,
      Approx. pea-sized dose (300mg – 500mg) once or twice a day or as directed by a physician. For best results, consume Shilajit on an empty stomach in the morning with either water or milk.

      1. Milk is not useful for us humans and it is full of estrogen with the same female hormone. Use almond milk instead. It is better to make it at home and mix it with Sheila gel and drink it on an empty stomach.

    1. Hi Sir/Mam,
      We would like to inform you that, We can not recommend you about other products along with our products, For shilajit dosage information :-Approx. pea-sized dose (300mg – 500mg) once or twice a day or as directed by a physician. For best results, consume Shilajit on an empty stomach in the morning with either water or milk.

  1. For me please recomand product
    Ashwagandha and shilajit best products
    On my following email address
    Thanking you in anticipation

  2. Can shilajit be taken just for improving brain and cognitive functions (which actually it must be used for) while practicing celibacy, or is it acting as an aphrodisiac is unavoidable and must not be taken at all? For me that would be a side effect. How to avoid it? I can control my thoughts, so that is of no issue: but just to be sure, if at all there’s a possibility of unavoidable side effect then should it be taken at all? If yes, then any precautions? Plz do suggest

  3. If shilajit has to be taken on empty stomach in morning when should one consume medicine for thyroid? Which also has to be taken on empty stomach

    1. Hi Sir/Mam,

      We apologize for this because our product is safe & certified but we can not suggest you in any specific medical treatment condition please consult with your Dr first.

    1. Dear Sir/Ma’am, To maximize absorption, the best time to take your dosage of Shilajit is on an empty stomach in the morning, wait for 30 minutes and then have food.

    1. Our product is safe and certified also it does not have any side effects but we do not say about other brands products because we do not have any idea about their formation

  4. What about the contamination you mentioned that happens in the Himalayan mountains ? Is that in your product? What steps do yah take to make sure that contamination does not get in your products?

    1. Hi Christina,

      Purified using traditional Surya Tapi and 12-hour slow-cooking methods to ensure nutrients remain intact, Rasayanam shilajit is tested for harmful heavy metals.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      We would like to inform you that, for better results take shilajit as per recommended dosages and the same way, we do not recommend you consume in gelatin capsule.

  5. I have been in natural medicines and herbs for some time now. I’m 62 and have a heart condition I work out and work very hard and am going to try this pricing along with ashwagnda. Looking forward to boost of life

    1. As with any herbal supplement, it’s important to seek guidance from a healthcare professional before starting supplementation, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking medications.

  6. Hi,

    Whats the recommended time between rest after taking shilajit for 2-3 months straight? When can I get back at consuming shilajit again?

    1. Hi,
      Shilajit boosts sexual functioning in men. It has Zinc that boosts blood flow, and sterols that boost sexual hormones like Testosterone. So yes, it can be very helpful for men with ED and PME.

  7. As you suggested we have to take shilajeet early morning empty stomach, kindly tell me I eat black chick peas water empty stomach in morning and then eat those raw chickpeas so can after how much time I can eat and drink those black chickpeas after shilajeet..

    1. Hi,
      No, it will not break the fasting as Shilajit supports the body’s natural ability to heal and recover. It’s rich in antioxidants like fulvic acid, thus making a perfect complement to your fasting regime.

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