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9 Best Sexual Health Benefits of Shilajit You shouldn’t miss

shilajit benefits for sexual

Shilajit is the best treatment for chronic fatigue, anemia, altitude sickness, diabetes, and a lot more. Shilajit is also considered ideal for treating a wide range of reproductive issues and promoting better sexual health. Here are the incredible sexual health benefits of Shilajit you were not aware of.

Shilajit is a famous potent medicine that has amazing therapeutic and healing properties. Not only it aids in rejuvenating the human body but has medicinal qualities to heal even chronic health conditions. 

Sexual Health Benefits of Shilajit

Amongst the amazing shilajit benefits is its ability to foster an individual’s sexual health. This Ayurvedic medicine is claimed to be the perfect cure for weakness. The energy boosts by Shilajit, in turn, provide for great reproductive health in both men and women. 

Enhances sperm motility 

For a good sexual health, it is important for the sperms to be motile enough to reach the egg. Sperm motility is the ability of the sperm to progressively move towards the egg so that it reaches and penetrates it. 

Sexual Health Benefits of Shilajit, Enhances Sperm motility

For having better chances of conceiving, it is crucial for the sperm to be of excellent quality and motile. Shilajit is believed to increase sperm motility by around 50-60 percent. The intake of Shilajit on regular basis is sure to help you with sperm problems and increase the fertility rate in a man.

Help stimulate ovaries

It is important for the ovaries to produce a huge quantity of eggs for increased chances of conception and it is the indicator of perfect sexual health. Shilajit assists the process of ovarian stimulation by inducing ovulation. It is considered a powerful medicine to increase the female fertility rate due to its exceptional medicinal properties. If you face difficulty ovulating, then Shilajit might be your go-to medicine before you undergo intricate medical treatments. To easily test the purity of shilajit.

Increases Testosterone levels and boosts Libido

Daily intake of Shilajit can help in boosting the testosterone levels in men by up to 20 percent. Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men and the testosterone levels decrease with the increase in a man’s age, which in turn leads to loss of libido & sex drive. However, in some cases, even young men experience low testosterone levels due to their sedentary lifestyle and other unknown reasons. Lower levels of testosterone result in low sex drive, fatigue, and accumulation of body fat. Low levels of testosterone also lead to low sperm count or poor sperm quantity. Shilajit benefits for men can be observed by taking it twice a day increasing testosterone levels and thus, sperm motility.

Increases sperm production

Sperm production is another factor responsible for an effective reproductive process and determining the sexual health of a man. Low sperm production means a low number of sperm reaching the egg, which often results in no pregnancy. To increase the sperm count and treat impotency, Shilajit is highly effective and it can increase the sperm count in men by 50 to 70 percent if taken in the right quantity as recommended by a medical practitioner.

Treats erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to reach and maintain an erection firm enough to perform intercourse. Oxidative stress is considered to be one of the reasons why such dysfunction occurs in men. There are several benefits of Shilajit and taking it on regular basis increases superoxide dismutase, which is an enzyme that aids in treating erectile dysfunction in men. It also helps in reducing oxidative stress in the body so as to promote overall health and satisfactory sexual performance. 

Better sexual performance

Besides erectile dysfunction, there are many other problems such as premature ejaculation and epididymitis that negatively affect sexual performance. Shilajit is filled with minerals and antioxidants that encourage proper blood flow to the reproductive parts and overall improved bodily functions. Besides combating chronic fatigue and increasing energy levels, Shilajit positively impacts sexual performance, which increases the chances of conception. An effective health tonic to fight off stress.

Aids in treating PCOS 

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a common disorder that happens in women of reproductive age, caused due to increased androgen or male hormone levels in a woman. If left untreated for a long, this condition can give rise to bad sexual health or infertility. Amongst many health benefits of Shilajit, it helps in balancing the hormone levels and reducing the various complications related to a woman’s fertility. The fulvic acid in the sticky substance called Shilajit assists in absorbing the minerals from foods and also promotes a regular menstrual cycle. It also relaxes your mind and encourages a healthy sleep cycle.

Reduces body weight

Shilajit can also help you get rid of excessive body weight, which is a probable reason why you do not have good sexual health. Excess weight can lead to chronic diseases, low testosterone levels, and other complicated conditions in your body. Shilajit consumption can help you reach your weight loss goals and encourage great sexual health. It helps in reducing fatigue and boosts stamina and strength in your body over time.

Increases FSH levels 

Follicle Stimulating Hormone or FHS is an essential hormone that indicates the function level of both male and female reproductive organs. In women, the FSH stimulates the growth of ovarian follicles in the ovaries, and the higher the number of ovarian follicles indicates the greater number of released eggs. Therefore, high levels of FSH are important to ensure that you have sufficient egg production to ensure that you have a great sexual health. The health benefits of Shilajit offered by it aids in encouraging the growth of such hormones and help you enjoy great sexual health. 

Final Words 

Shilajit is considered a safe and potent supplement that aids in treating and preventing severe diseases. It is admired in Ayurveda and modern practitioners have also acknowledged its goodness and the major Shilajit benefits it provides. If taken in the suggested quantity, it can do wonders for your sexual health. 

When it comes to sexual health and wellness, it helps in potentially increasing testosterone levels and sperm motile health in men and promotes effective ovarian health in women. It is critical that you buy Shilajit from a brand that provides the highest quality of this organic substance. Otherwise, you want to be able to carve out the benefits of the supplement if it lacks quality.

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12 Responses

  1. Can you please display Lab test result certificates for contents/traces of heavy metals in your shilajit in the product page?

    1. Hi Sir/Mam,

      We apologies for this but we did not get your query, for more help you can connect with us on whatsapp 8882566684.

    1. Hi Ganesh,

      We are really glad to assist you, We suggest you a combination of our products ashwagandha ksm66 & shilajit, they will help you in all your sexual issues.for more products information, you can directly visit our website rasayanam.in

  2. You are making confused to me. I am age 41yr, don’t know which one I should use,
    What to use Gokhshuru Or Shilajit Or Ashwagandha KSM Or Testoboost to treat my below problems??
    1. Stress, Depression, Brain n Eye Fatique.
    2. low energy during workout.
    3. To Widen penis veins n gain penis muscles mass for which Gokshuru is most effective.
    4. Low Tetstosterone.
    You should provide free consultation of Ayurved Dr for ur customer patient who want to use such pure product whatbu market n claim.

    1. Hi,
      For sexual issues we recommend the combo of our products:-
      Pure Original Himalayan Shilajit + Ashwagandha KSM-66
      As with any herbal supplement, it’s important to seek guidance from a healthcare professional before starting supplementation, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking medications

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