How Testosterone Boosters Work & Is it Safe?

Testosterone is the key hormone that determines masculinity to a large extent. It is a male sex hormone that defines the prominent masculine traits such as muscle mass, bone density, deep voice, body and face hair, sperm production, and sex drive. All in all, it plays a critical role in a man’s life when it comes to sexual and overall health, and important functions such as erectile function, libido, strength, energy levels, etc. 

If you are dealing with low testosterone levels and thinking how to increase testosterone, then read on! 

With such critical importance of this hormone, there is no doubt why men want to boost their testosterone levels. Testosterone booster supplements are becoming the most sought-after supplement not only for boosting the reproductive health of a male but also a widely searched supplement for bodybuilding purposes after protein shakes. 

However, not all testosterone boosters offer the same effectiveness as it is determined based on its ingredients and other quality factors. 

What are Testosterone Boosters?

Testosterone boosters are supplements or compounds that help increase testosterone levels, naturally or artificially. These testosterone boosters increase the testosterone or other related hormone levels, they also assure the prevention from the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

The main ingredients that go into the composition of the testosterone boosters are minerals, vitamins, herbs, and other various natural ingredients. These supplements aid in the increase in libido, better sexual functions, increased muscle mass, increase in sperm count, building muscles, and so on.

Do you need testosterone boosters?

Testosterone levels keep on fluctuating during the lifespan of a man, however, they tend to decrease around 2-3 percent each year after the man hit the age of 30. This results in a decreased in sexual desire and other male reproductive issues. You might want to take a testosterone test to find out if you need to increase your testosterone levels. 

You need testosterone boosters if you are experiencing low testosterone levels due to many reasons such as old age, testicle injury, inflammatory disease, hypogonadism, etc. However, a major disease or reproductive complication is not the only reason why you need to increase testosterone levels.

Other reasons why you should use testosterone boosters include:

  • For building muscles or bodybuilding purposes
  • For experiencing an increase in your sex drive
  • For improving mood and energy levels
  • For better sexual performance
  • For feeling healthier and younger

How to boost testosterone levels naturally?

You can boost your testosterone levels by making some minor alterations in your lifestyle. Try regular exercising, abstain from alcohol, get a healthier diet filled with leafy greens and proteins, get quality sleep, etc. Although there is no magical testosterone food or diet but sticking to a healthy diet would help. But these changes do not guarantee effective results. Adding a testosterone booster supplement, which is natural and tested, along with the mentioned lifestyle changes, and soon you will observe major improvements in the testosterone levels.

The most famous testosterone boosters

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is an herb that has been used for centuries, especially for increasing sex drive and testosterone levels. Tribulus is effective for men with low sex drive or any other sexual dysfunction. Although people with normal testosterone levels also experience a surge in the testosterone levels but not immediately or definitely.

There are not many studies to back the effectiveness of this herb since it does improve libido but there are no major results for testosterone levels.


Ashwagandha aids in significantly improving testosterone levels along with other benefits. It helps in combating fat and thus, is an excellent option if you want to boost testosterone levels for fat losing or muscle gaining. It also helps in managing stress and anxiety by reducing the cortisol hormone.

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D-aspartic acid

D-aspartic acid is an amino acid found in the endocrine system and its supplements help boost testosterone levels. This acid plays a role in producing and releasing various hormones, that in turn aids in increasing the production of testosterone. D-aspartic acid also helps in the production and secretion of testosterone in the testicles. It also helps men dealing with infertility issues.

Safed Musli

Safed Musli is another Ayurvedic herb that helps with the production and increase in the testosterone hormone. The safed musli testosterone supplement offers increased energy levels without increasing the fat retention in your body. It also effective in reducing fatigue and improving sexual performance. It is an ideal herb for increasing stamina and body-building purposes.


Shilajit is an ancient Ayurvedic supplement that contains different minerals and fulvic acid that help with testosterone production. According to some studies, consumption of Shilajit for over two months has been reported to increase the testosterone, free testosterone, and DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) levels. It is also beneficial in increasing the total sperm count, improving sperm motility, and increasing FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) levels.

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Do testosterone boosters work?

Testosterone booster do work but not all of them. The effectiveness of testosterone is a determinant of various factors since not all products give the desired results for everyone. Also, it is advisable that you stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle as you take the testosterone booster supplements. 

Although synthetic boosters help enhance the testosterone levels but the effects are short-term; their intake though increases the testosterone levels but reduces the natural capabilities of the body to produce the testosterone hormones. Whilst the natural testosterone boosters are aimed at enhancing the natural capacity of the body to produce testosterone instead of producing artificial hormones in the body. Thus, natural testosterone boosters give real and long-lasting results without causing any harm or side effects to the body.

Is it safe to take testosterone boosters?

This is a common question that sprung up in mind before you decide to take any kind of supplement. There is no straight answer to this as it is decided on the basis of various factors such as the quality of the supplement used, ingredients used in the making of the testosterone booster, and more. If taken correctly in the required dosages, testosterone boosters are relatively safe to take and may not give any side effects.

Most of the natural testosterone boosters are safe to take as they have fewer side effects. However, synthetic testosterone boosters are less safe since they work on producing artificial hormones, which in turn can result in harmful side effects.

What are the side effects of testosterone boosters?

If you are wondering how to increase testosterone level using a testosterone boosting supplement, then you also want to know its side effects as well. Just like any other supplements, testosterone boosters are also associated with potential risks and side effects. Again, the quality of the testosterone boosters you are taking matters; the poor quality or the ingredients in the supplement can override the potential benefits that a booster is supposed to offer.

The possible side effects of testosterone boosters include sleeping problems, skin issues like acne, increase in the red blood cells, headaches, nausea, upset stomach, etc.

Last thoughts

Testosterone levels naturally decrease over time and it is important to have them balanced for a healthy body. Extremely low testosterone levels can result in severe health conditions and there are certain risks involved in the medical treatment. Therefore, taking natural testosterone boosting supplements is the safest way to keep your body healthy and deal with other sexual or physical dysfunctions that come with low testosterone levels. However, the effectiveness of the testosterone booster supplement depends on the type of supplement, and for the special reason that the person is taking the supplement.

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  4. Avatar

    I am 18 years old can I use this supplement for 30 days…
    is there any side effects of this supplement
    And can you please say
    What dosage I take

    1. Avatar

      Yes it can be consumed by men 18+ , you can start with 1 capsule a day as generally speaking, natural testosterone at this age is already very high. If you feel, less difference you can increase it to 2 capsules a day but after a month.

  5. Avatar

    Is the aswagandha from the testoboost root extract or normal? And how much winthsomferia percentage does it have? Im planning to switch to ksm 66 if after i finish my 60day supply if it isnt very potent.

    1. Avatar

      Hello, testoboost contains 5% normal extract & not ksm 66. However it contains other 2 ingredients – Shilajit & Safed Musli

  6. Avatar

    I want to ask that if I use rasayanam testoboost supplement , will it affect or decrease my body’s capabilities to produce natural testosterone levels plzz answer ??

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