4.8 Stars across 20k reviews​ ★★★★★
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4.8 Stars across 20k reviews​ ★★★★★
Free shipping all over India above ₹500
Cash on delivery available

Original Madina Ajwa Dates (500g)

Jumbo. Juicy. Yummy. Enjoy the 'Dates of paradise'

(25 customer reviews)
Ajwa dates (Khajur) are considered to be the most nutritious and flavorful of all dates. It is no surprise why they're hailed as the S.A.W Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) favorite dates and why Mariam (Virgin Mary) ate them during labor pains. We handpick the finest Ajwa date with love and care from the finest farms of Mecca. Then package them to preserve their freshness and import them straight away so you savor only the freshest premium Ajwa dates.
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  • Experience the most prized caramel-like flavor that is truly unique
  • Enjoy a quick burst of energy without crashing
  • Radiating skin & hair. Nourished joints.
  • Better digestion and improvement in constipation
  1. Natural fiber helps improve bowel movement & reduce ulcers
  2. Packed with antioxidants like Polyphenols, Flavonoids, and Tannins – it protects from free radicals thus giving you glowing skin
  3. Loaded with vital nutrients like polyphenols, calcium, iron, and Vitamins K it boosts immunity and joint health

Consume 2-3 dates regularly. You can use them in a variety of dishes. Chop them. Top your breakfast cereals. Or just grind them into a fine powder. And use it as a natural sweetener for your favorite beverage or dessert.

Pure & Potent
Tested for Safety
Modern Science
Traditional Wisdom

Loved by 1,00,000+ Indians


Ajwa dates are considered to be the most premium variety of dates due to their unique flavor and soft texture.

These high-quality dates hold significant cultural value and make for the most memorable gifts during Ramadan and other religious holidays. These are truly blessed. If you eat this once, you’ll forget those ordinary Khajur.

  • Excellently Sourced – Our Ajwa dates are harvested from the Holy lands of Mecca that hold the legacy of this auspicious dryfruit

  • Grade A Certified – Only the highest quality handpicked and sorted dates

  • 100% Natural – No additives, artificial colors, or preservatives used

  • Long Lasting Freshness – We use vacuum-sealed containers to preserve the freshness and rich taste

  • Perfect for gifting – Comes in 500g compact & luxury packaging that would be remembered by friends & family for a long time.

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More Energy
Better Bowel Movement
Improved Blood Pressure
Healthy Hair & Skin

Experience the most unique flavor & nourishing date

Relish the juicy mouth-melting pulp and unique flavor without going to the Gulf. You just have to experience these once to realize why everyone loves to call them – the ‘Dates of Paradise’.

Comparison with Other Market Alternatives

Frequently Asked Questions

Our dates are sourced from the finest farms in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. In fact, these dates require a specific climate to grow that’s only found in Mecca.

While all dates might look the same. The price of Ajwa dates depends on various factors. Most Ajwa available in the market are Grade B or C, which may have been stored for years without any quality control. At Rasayanam we only provide fresh & sealed Grade A dates, sorted date by date.

Yes. They are often recommended to pregnant women due to their high nutrient content like fiber, potassium, and iron. They have great benefits during pregnancy. It is believed Mariam (Virgin Mary) ate them during labor pains.

Yes, this is a Halal product. The dates are sourced from Mecca, Saudi Arabia. And they are not mixed/injected with non-Halal ingredients. Since Rasayanam Ajwa dates are organic and non-GMO, they are guaranteed Halal.

Yes. People with diabetes can have them. Even though they’re sweet, due to the presence of insoluble fiber and protein the GI (Glycemic Index) is low to moderate. Plus, Vitamin Bs improve nerve damage due to diabetes. Vitamin A aids heal diabetic retinopathy. So 1-2 dates can be taken by people with diabetes.


(25 customer reviews)


25 reviews for Original Madina Ajwa Dates (500g)

1-5 of 25 reviews
  1. I love this product. Very natural and genuine product.

  2. Ajwa dates

    Good ajwa dates available here ,package looks premium but taste is ok

  3. Very good dates

    Very nice dates must buy

  4. Not a A grade product

    Product is very small size and not good rasayanam cheat the customer given false description of product it is not A grade it is C grade dates i not suggest strongly to buy this product

  5. Rasayanam ajwa dates

    Good product to buy and worthy too…I liked it a lot…

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Original Madina Ajwa Dates (500g)
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      25 reviews for Original Madina Ajwa Dates (500g)

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