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4.8 Stars across 20k reviews​ ★★★★★
Free shipping all over India above ₹500
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Moroccan Medjool Dates 500g

King-sized. Soft & sweet. Healthiest snack for all

(15 customer reviews)
Do you know that Medjool Dates are known as the King of Dates? Because they are truly king-sized. If you eat this once you'll forget those ordinary Khajur.  Rich in taste, large, soft, extra juicy, chewy, and super flavorful. No wonder Medjoul dates were once reserved only for royalty and their guests.  Today every Dietician & Nutritionist recommends Medjool Dates as a healthy food for snacking as it is loaded with nutrients. These high-quality dates are imported straight from Morocco so you can indulge in the pulpy sweetness without guilt.
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  • Experience a quick burst of energy without crashing
  • Enhanced health, stronger bones, and greater vitality
  • Better bowel movements and improved digestion
  1. As a superfood, it’s rich in natural fiber and good carbs.
  2. Loaded with vital nutrients like Zinc, Calcium, and Vitamins.
  3. Substitutes unhealthy junk eating while keeping calories under control.

Take 1-2 Dates whenever you feel like snacking or use them in your pre-workout meals.

You can also use it in various recipes.

Pure & Potent
Tested for Safety
Modern Science
Traditional Wisdom

Loved by 1,00,000+ Indians just Rasayanam


Do you know that Medjool dates are the largest dates among the 200 varieties of dates worldwide? They can grow up to five times bigger than the average dates.

Ancient texts claim these dates to have medicinal value. It’s no surprise, many fitness enthusiasts love this superfood over other dry fruits or Kajoor. They’re sweet but low in calories. Soft, but very potent with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. 

How to get the best mouth-watering Medjool dates? No need to visit Gulf countries… because our Grade A Medjool dates are imported straight from Morocco in the freshest form.

  • Highest import quality – Grade A handpicked Medjool natural dates

  • Authentic – sourced from the best places in Morocco

  • Amazing benefits – rich in carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins & minerals and helps fight many diseases & deficiencies. Ideal for mid-day snacking or pre-workout meal

  • Perfect for gifting – Comes in 500g compact & luxury packaging that would be remembered by friends & family for a long time.

  • Long Lasting Freshness – with Vacuum-sealed containers that preserve freshness and rich taste.


Boost Energy
Improved Vigour

Enjoy Fresh Grade A Medjool Dates and Enhance Greater Health

Imported from Morocco in the freshest form. Use this delicious superfood for healthier snacking, gift them to your loved ones, or use them in your pre-workout meals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Medjool dates have abundant micro-elements like estrone and sterols which can help improve male fertility. Apart from this, vitamins and minerals can improve the sperm count and libido of a person.

Yes. Dates are highly rich in nutrients like Calcium, copper, magnesium, etc. These nutrients help in bone health. If you (or your loved ones) are suffering from any bone issues then it can be added to your diet.

Yes. Medjool dates are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. They nourish your skin improving skin’s elasticity. So add a few to your diet for clearer skin and healthy aging.

Yes. Medjool dates have a rich reservoir of critical Vitamins and Minerals which improves your metabolism and hormonal function. Plus, since it’s a good source of fiber and replaces unhealthy foods it can aid in weight loss too.

While to a novice, all dates might look the same. But there are over 200 varieties of dates worldwide. And the local stores either carry the typical Khajoor or the ones imported from the Gulf. But our dates are sourced from the original birthplace of the Medjool dates – Morroco. It takes seven years for a tree to produce Medjool fruits so they’re premium. That’s why when it comes to taste, nutrition, and melt-in-your-mouth creamy flesh they’re simply unmatched.

Absolutely. Medjool Dates contain a range of vitamin Bs especially folate, which prevents serious birth defects. In fact, doctors recommend pregnant women take folate. Plus, dietary fiber in Khejur can help relieve constipation.

Yes. Research says that the Medjool dates can be advantageous for people with diabetes. Even though they’re sweet, due to the presence of insoluble fiber and protein the GI (Glycemic Index) is low. Plus, the Vitamin K in these dates reduces the risk of blood clotting. Vitamin Bs improve nerve damage due to diabetes. Vitamin A aids heal diabetic retinopathy. So 1-2 dates can be  taken by people with diabetes.


(15 customer reviews)


15 reviews for Moroccan Medjool Dates 500g

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  1. Product details

    This dates are from Jordon lands or from Israel occupied Palestine lands…..

  2. Medjool dates 500 gms @ Rs 949/-

    Fresh and soft and pulpy. Good size and very good taste.

  3. Medjool dates

    Very good product.

  4. A very good dates ever

    Past I have bye lot’s of dates .
    Medjool is a awesome.
    Good for eat and healthy….
    Thank you RASAYANAM

  5. Good quality & healthy of dates

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Moroccan Medjool Dates 500g
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      15 reviews for Moroccan Medjool Dates 500g

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