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5 Little-Known Benefits of Taking Medjool Dates During Pregnancy

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Medjool dates are obtained from the palm tree and taste like caramel. However, it is rich in vital nutrients and acts as an instant energy source. It is considered a healthy snack and highly nutritious. Likewise, there are so many health benefits that will be received by a pregnant woman when she consumes Medjool dates regularly during pregnancy. 

Do you know that Medjool dates can help induce labor pain during pregnancy?

This blog will discuss several Medjool date benefits that a pregnant woman receives by consuming it regularly during pregnancy time. Let’s have a look. 

Benefits of Consuming Medjool Dates During Pregnancy

Medjool dates are rich in sugar content, so they provide instant energy. Moreover, it is helpful to promote the contraction of the uterus and induce labor. Regular consumption can promote the secretion of oxytocin, which induces labor. Besides that, it helps reduce the risk of Postpartum hemorrhage. 

Other benefits of consuming Medjool dates are as follows: 

Medjool Dates Are Rich in Nutrients 

Regular intake can promote energy and help women fight the deficiency of iron and anemia. Dates are an excellent source of Vitamin K and folate, which is helpful in minimizing congenital disabilities. Besides that, it is rich in iron, which improves the blood and boosts energy levels in pregnant women. 

Additionally, the Medjool dates nutrition level is extremely high and rich in Vitamin K, which is helpful to keep the bones strong and improve the nerve function of the growing baby. It can also enhance muscle strength. 

Medjool dates are rich in potassium and other minerals, which help to promote electrolyte balance and keep blood pressure lower. 

Sometimes, the pregnant woman has sweet cravings, so it is an excellent fruit with additional benefits. Eating three dates regularly ensures that pregnant women will have the right nutrition. 

Helpful to get Rid of Constipation 

Medjool dates calories are low and rich in fiber. Due to this, it helps to improve digestion. As these dates are rich in fiber, it helps to improve bowel movements. Women during pregnancy often face digestion-related problems such as constipation. Thereby, pregnant women get relief from constipation easily. 

Besides that, dates are rich in protein. Therefore, it is helpful to fulfill the requirement of amino acids vital for the growth of cells and tissues. Moreover, it is helpful to maintain the ideal weight and reduce the cholesterol level in the blood. 

Dates Promote Labor 

When the delivery time is near, a woman is often advised to get the Medjool dates timely. It is rich in sugar and another vital mineral which is why it eases down labor. It promotes the secretion of oxytocin which is helpful to induce uterus contraction. 

A pregnant woman must ensure to consume three to four dates every day during the third trimester of pregnancy. Moreover, eating dates during the third trimester of pregnancy can help induce cervical ripening, which eases labor pain. 

Reduce The Birth Defects

Medjool Dates Fruits Wooden Bowl

The WHO often recommends that women include Medjool dates in their diet during pregnancy.

Regular consumption of dates during pregnancy can promote a healthy pregnancy. The Medjool dates are rich in folate that claims to prevent congenital disabilities related to the spinal cord and brain. It is rich in folate and vitamin K, which is helpful to reduce pregnancy complications and avoid congenital disabilities. 

Maintain The Ion Balance/Water Salt Balance 

Medjool dates are rich in potassium and other vital minerals. This helps regulate blood pressure and maintain ion balance and water-salt balance in the blood. Regular consumption is also helpful to reduce the chances of stroke, cardiovascular diseases, and blood pressure. Therefore, it promotes the healthy growth of the fetus.

The dates are rich in Vitamin K, which is helpful to reduce the clotting factor. Besides that, dates are rich in iron and magnesium, which is helpful in preventing anemia and low Hemoglobin content in the body. Moreover, it helps add strength to the body and maintain the immunity level. Additionally, it promotes bone development. 

What is the Right Time to Eat Medjool Dates During Pregnancy? 

Medjool dates can be consumed throughout the pregnancy phase. However, the pregnant woman should limit the number of dates consumed during the pregnancy stage. 

  • During the first trimester of pregnancy, women may face constipation problems. So, consuming two to three dates can help deal with the problem. However, you need to consume in moderate quantities, especially when you have a high blood sugar level. 
  • During the third trimester of pregnancy, women should start eating the dates to induce labor. Regular consumption can help to shorten labor and induce it faster. It is recommended that women consume four to six dates during the 36th week of the pregnancy. 
  • During the second trimester of pregnancy, a woman is at greater risk of gestational diabetes. Since the dates are rich in sugar content, you should limit the consumption or ask the doctors before having the Medjool dates during the second trimester.

Dates can be consumed either directly as fruits or in smoothies. It also promotes healthy weight gain. However, women need to eat them in moderate quantities and consult the doctor before consuming them. Women at greater risk of gestational diabetes should avoid consuming dates as it elevates their blood sugar level, which further increases the risk of gestational diabetes. 

Bottom Line 

Women need to consume Medjool dates in moderate quantities to promote a healthy pregnancy. In addition to this, women can maintain a balanced diet that includes dates to promote a healthy weight, improve blood pressure, and induce labor faster. Avoid consuming Medjool dates if you are at greater risk of gestational diabetes.

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