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How to Grow a Stylish Beard Naturally with Testosterone?

Beard Styles of Men

Trends have come and gone. But the one trend that has stayed is that of a full-grown and healthy beard. But not everyone’s lucky. While some men grow beards easily, some struggle with theirs for years. So what do you do? Well, the first step is to understand the basics of beard growth. Read on to learn more about how to increase testosterone levels naturally, which also helps in Facial hair growth.

Bearded Man

Beard growth usually begins around puberty. By the time a boy is around fifteen, he will start observing a spattering of hair around his lips. And by the time they are in their early twenties, there is a considerable amount of growth.

The fact that this spurt of facial hair happens around puberty it can be connected to your testosterone levels. As confirmed by the Experimental Dermatology Journal, your testosterone levels regulate your hair growth, including that of facial hair.

Testosterone is one of the most common types of androgens, often associated with men. Although women also have some androgen hormones, they are at considerably lower levels than those found in men.

When testosterone-led beard growth happens, it does so in three stages- anagen, catagen, and telogen. Most of the growth happens in the anagen phase and slows down during the other two stages.

That’s why, for better beard growth, your testosterone levels must be at their highest during the anagen phase. Do men have testosterone cycles? Find out!

How To Increase Your Testosterone Levels To Improve Your Beard Growth?

Now that you know how your testosterone levels are connected with beard growth, you must be thinking about how to increase testosterone levels for beard growth naturally.

You don’t have to feel disappointed if you have been diagnosed with low testosterone levels. Here are some natural and evidence-backed ways to increase your testosterone levels for a long and full beard:

1. Get Proper Sleep

Most of the testosterone in your body gets released during the time you sleep. According to The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, the levels of testosterone in the body increase during the time you sleep and fall when you are awake.

Aim for clocking distraction-free sleep of 7.5-10 hours per night. In fact, sleeping for less than this time even for a day is enough to create an imbalance in your testosterone levels.

2. Manage Your Stress

As confirmed by the Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences, testosterone is susceptible to stress and significantly alters before and after periods of stress. When your stress turns chronic, it begins to have physical manifestations, such as impacting your beard growth.

So, if you are thinking about how to increase beard growth, take steps to manage your stress. There are several effective ways in which a calmer mind can be achieved. These include practicing meditation & mindfulness, spending time pursuing your interests, exercising, etc. Creating a work-life balance is also great for reducing your stress and anxiety levels.

3.Relook Your Nutrition

weight scale

One of the best ways to have a fuller and longer beard is to include more beard-growth foods in your diet. Foods rich in nutrients such as vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids are found to have a direct impact on your testosterone levels.

You can get these nutrients from foods like salmon, leafy green vegetables, cocoa products, avocadoes, and eggs. To improve your testosterone levels, also include berries, pomegranates, and cherries in your diet. We also recommend including olive oil and coconut in your routine. They contain high saturated fats that have a direct impact on your beard growth levels.

4. Exercise Regularly

If you are thinking about how to increase beard growth naturally, consider working out every day. As verified a Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Journal, regular and moderate-intensity exercise programs have a direct impact on one’s testosterone levels and ultimately beard growth.

However, all exercises are not created equal. There are certain types of exercises that help in increasing your testosterone levels more than others. These include resistance training, high-intensity interval training, and cardio exercises.

5. Optimize Your Weight

Obesity or excessive body fat is much more than an aesthetic problem. It is a common yet complex medical problem that also increases your risk of other serious health conditions including lowering your testosterone levels. Even a marginal rise in your BMI (Body Mass Index) leads to a dip in your testosterone.

To see your testosterone levels go up, you need to lose at least five to eight percent of your body weight. There are several simple yet effective ways to optimize your weight. Start by moving your body. Begin a simple 20-minute exercise program and increase your level of movement. Add strength training to your exercise regime. Reduce excess sugar from your diet and add more simple carbs. Avoid processed foods but never starve yourself.

6. Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

There is a direct relation between your testosterone levels and the quality of your life. This primarily includes habits such as smoking and alcohol. According to a Medical Council on Alcohol Journal, long-term dependence on alcohol and cigarettes leads to both short and long-term changes in your testosterone levels.

So, if you want to enjoy a healthy spot of beard, limit your alcohol consumption and cut down on your smoking.

Also Read: Can low testosterone cause erectile dysfunction?

7. Add Supplements

If you are looking to boost your testosterone levels naturally, consider adding good-quality supplements to your routine. These supplements are fortified with testosterone-boosting nutrients including vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium.

Another excellent option is to invest in safe and natural supplements with Ayurvedic ingredients. They are made without any side effects caused by chemical-based ingredients. Whichever supplement you choose, ask yourself certain questions before investing in them. You should know if the ingredients are safe and contain testosterone-boosting properties. Only choose supplements from credible manufacturers and those that are approved for purity and accuracy by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

One such supplement that checks all the boxes is Testoboost. It is formulated with ingredients such as Shilajit, Safed Musli, and Ashwagandha. This supplement doesn’t contain any preservatives or additives and is safe for regular consumption.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to increase beard growth naturally by improving your testosterone levels, it’s time to include these healthy practices in your routine. When a healthy lifestyle is coupled with a healthy dose of quality supplements, you don’t need to despair about growing a stubble anymore.

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