If you think there isn’t a magic potion out there to solve some of your health problems, then you are wrong. If you feel that your mind and body are getting weaker day by day, then there’s a substance that is going to be a definite life-changer.

One of the hot topics these days is Shilajit. In case you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, we will tell you all about it.Shilajit has started to gain much popularity, and many of us aren’t aware of its power. Shilajit has unimaginable health benefits that are hard to overlook.

Shilajit, also commonly known as the mineral pitch, can be found in some of the most profound areas in the world — Himalayas, Altai, Tibet mountains, and Causcaus mountains.

When you look at Shilajit, it might not look very appetizing. In appearance, it is similar to black tar. When you touch it, it will feel gooey, sticky, and glutinous. We know that sounds odd but wait until we tell you about its strength building and endurance qualities.

Formation of Shilajit

As a result of long plant matter and mineral decomposition process for many centuries, Shilajit comes into formation. Traditionally, it was extracted from Tibet and India, exclusively.  However, later, the source could be found in many more countries.

Let’s dive right into some of the best health benefits provided with the right usage of  Shilajit.

Boosts Immune System

Shilajit resin has a better immune-modulatory effect than modern and expensive medicines. Immune System is simply referred to as the body’s ability to resist the impact of infection or foreign organisms and substances, which may be capable of causing a disease. This protective ability of the body sometimes decreases or increases according to one’s health condition. When it decreases, the person is recommended to drink immune modulators (substances that increases Immune System to a normal level).

There are several factors that result to a low Immune System, some of which includes serious diseases, poisoning, filthy environment, poor nutritional habits, regular stress, untreated avitaminosis etc. For any of the conditions mentioned above, you should drink a Shilajit resin based beverage to enhance your Immune System and prevent the progression of the disease.

In a six-month study of 16 Alzheimer’s patients published last year, researchers at the International Center for Biomedicine in Santiago, Chile that pure shilajit increases immunity at very high pace with no major side effects.

Enhances brain productivityshilajit brain functionality

Fulvic acid in Shilajit is a very strong antioxidant. Which makes it out brain’s best friend. Our brain is very complex and also build many complex proteins. Tau protein is one of them. However, the accumulation of Tau protein is harmful, for which Fulvic is used to prevent it.

Shilajit can improve cognitive health. Moreover, Alzheimer’s disease is also caused by the tau protein build-up, and Shilajit has known properties to reduce the symptoms.


Shilajit is filled with Fulvic acid, which is an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant compound.

According to Carlos Carrasco-Gallardo, in the International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, the fulvic acid makes Shilajit powerful enough to reduce cell damage as well as free radicals.

When these two factors are controlled, aging effects decrease significantly. With regular use, you will be able to notice a change in the
overall well-being.

Increases Testosterone Level

A misconception always lies that testosterone is only found in men. This is only a myth as it exists in both men and women. It is a prime sex hormone for men, but it also develops the muscle and bone mass in all genders. Moreover, it doesn’t only function your sex organs, but also to your brain.

As a person ages, testosterone levels drop. You may notice this if you have felt a low sex drive or libido. Moreover, you may also notice reduced semen production,  tiredness, mood swings, hair fall, insomnia, weight gain, and muscle loss.

However, according to a clinical study conducted by the National Institute of Health, aligned 45 to 45-year-old male volunteers. Half of the group were prescribed with a placebo, and the other has with Shilajit. The results after a 90-day period showed increases levels of testosterone in the men who have Shilajit.

Prevention from Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency is commonly faced by many people. It is the most common type of nutrient deficiency. It can be caused by two reasons, one being obvious that a person has a low-iron diet intake, and the other is that the body is unable to absorb any of the iron into itself, which can also cause loss of blood. Iron helps form red blood cells, so the lack of it causes many problems in the body.

Shilajit, alongside many other wonderful nutrients, is also packed with iron as well as humic acid. Once to start having Shilajit, your body will be able to promoteiron levels. And with the help of fluvic acid, minerals and vitamins will be absorbed better. Not only that, but it can also strengthen vitamins and minerals.

Some signs of iron deficiency anemia can be headaches, weakness, fatigue, fluttering heartbeat, cold feet, and hands.

We suggest that you get a test done before you start having any Shilajit supplements for iron deficiency.

Gives a Boost of Energy

A strong, strengthening, and powerful supplementary medicine like Shilajit is ideal for an energy kick-start.  It can help you perform better in all kinds of tasks. You can also use it for gym and workouts. Athletes can also use it for their training sessions as it is fully natural. The oxygen-rich property in Fulvic acid is what helps carbon dioxide and lactic acid increase during intense workouts.

Shilajit is also great to fight against CFS, aka Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. CFS happens when your cells are not producing enough energy because of the distinction of mitochondria. It can cause a person to feel immensely tired and would hinder their everyday life. Shilajit can restore all that lost energy.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to use Shilajit in the proper manner. You will find the instructions on the box, follow them. And if a physician has prescribed it to you, follow that. The dosage should not increase more than 300 mg to 500 mg. It can be consumed with any form of liquid, even milk, if you prefer. Pure shilajit is rare to find & expensive. Never buy shilajit in capsule or solid form as most of them are adulterated and filled with additives. Also make sure the seller has the shilajit tested for heavy metals as excess of arsenic & lead can do more damage than good.

Rasayanam Ayurveda is one of most trusted source of quality shilajit in India.

As you read the article above, Shilajit has many more health benefits. We only covered some of the ones offered. Many studies and clinical researches have been conducted, proving each time the qualities of the medication. If you want, you can even use these as a pre-workout dose to make you feel energized. You can even have its office so that you feel more active and productive when you work. Keep in mind that, have it for at least two weeks, if you want to see the results. It will not show you results over-night, but you will be able to notice soon, and it is likely that they will stay with you for the long term.

9 thoughts on “Benefits of Shilajit”

    1. Aman from Rasayanam

      While shilajit is not advised to be taken as an alternative to prescription medicine for people with such conditions, it contains several blood-supportive nutrients. Shilajit is rich in iron and copper, both of which are vital components that make up red blood cells and allow for them to transport oxygen. Maintaining optimal levels of these minerals in the right ratios are key factors to sustaining healthy blood pressure.

      Also, people with high blood pressure are at higher risk of zinc deficiency. A deficit in Zinc can have a determinantal effect on healthy blood glucose levels. Shilajit has plenty of Zinc.

  1. Living Nature Diaries

    Very Insightful and research based claims. We run a natural fitness based blog & would like to share this article with our audience. Please let us know if that would be okay with your company.

  2. I am 72+ years of age. Is it advisable to have it on daily basis. Which is better milk or water to have it with. Which is the best time to have it. Of late I have lost my libido to a large extent, will it help. Please answer. I am willing to start.

    1. Aman from Rasayanam

      Hello, Yes it is safe to consume on a daily basis. Best to consume with milk for better absorption but effective with both – Milk & Water. Shilajit is known to improve libido and increase testosterone levels.

  3. Anoop Gopalakrishnan

    Hello, can shilajit be used for long term to “maintain” the health and wellbeing? Or it is not recommended for long term usage?

    1. Aman from Rasayanam

      Hello, shilajit can be taken long term but we recommend taking it for 6-7 weeks, then take a break for 2-3 weeks and repeat this cycle. This way your body won’t get habitual of shilajit.

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