How does Ashwagandha reduce Stress?

Abhijeet Sharma

Ashwagandha is an ancient herb that has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety.

Ashwagandha acts on the central nervous system like GABA, helping to relax the body and reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.  Let's Explore more. >>

Adaptogenic Properties

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that helps the body manage stress by normalising physiological functions during challenging situations.

Cortisol Regulation

It regulates cortisol, the stress hormone, reducing its levels and preventing the negative impacts of chronic stress on the body.

Neurotransmitter Balance

Ashwagandha promotes the balance of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, contributing to a more stable mood and stress response.

Improved Sleep Quality

The herb calms the nervous system, promoting better sleep, which is crucial for stress reduction and overall health.

Enhanced Energy Levels

Ashwagandha supports the body's energy production, combating fatigue often associated with chronic stress.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

By reducing inflammation in the body, ashwagandha helps alleviate physical stress symptoms and supports overall well-being.

Oxidative Stress Reduction

Its antioxidant properties protect cells from oxidative damage caused by stress, supporting cellular health.

Hormonal Balance

Ashwagandha helps regulate hormones, particularly in the adrenal glands, contributing to a more balanced and resilient stress response.

Improved Cognitive Function

By modulating stress responses in the brain, ashwagandha may enhance cognitive function, helping individuals better cope with stressors.

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