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7 Amazing Reasons Why Everyone Must Have Shilajit During Winters

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The frigid low temperature of winters hardly brings any health benefits and is rather a cause of concern. 

With the decrease in body temperature due to the cold weather, winter is the season to strengthen your immunity system and nurture your body. 

Protecting ourselves from diseases is crucial in the winter season, and the current uncertain times make it all the more important to take care of our health. 

One of the most effective Ayurvedic supplements to stick to in winter is Shilajit. It is a precious mineral substance found in the Himalayas. Shilajit contains a lot of vital nutrients, bio-chemicals, micronutrients, minerals, and is also loaded with a lot of antioxidants. 

Shilajit can cure major physiological conditions and aid overall health and vitality. It is a great supplement to take in winters to subdue the effects of this frosty weather and chilly winds. Shilajit is a highly potent exudate and is the ultimate natural supplement to consume in winters. 

The quality of Shilajit differs based on the region from which it is extracted. Amongst all its forms, Shilajit extracted from the range of Himalayas is the purest and is most preferred by consumers. 

Let’s have a look at the various benefits that Shilajit offers during the winter season. 

Help in increasing Immunity

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Safeguarding yourself from various diseases and health risks is not possible if you don’t have strong immunity. During the harsh winter seasons, such health complications increase as we become more vulnerable to developing allergies, sinusitis, inflammation, and other diseases. Shilajit is one magical supplement that you have to ingest regularly in order to strengthen your immunity system so it can fight against various diseases and allergies caused to the climatic variations of the season. Shilajit is an excellent antioxidant and consuming it helps with the natural detoxification of the body, improving blood circulation, and enhancing immunity. So to make sure that you have a strong immunity to fight the allergens during this season, Shilajit is the best supplement to take. 

Aids in improving blood circulation

Shilajit is a magical and detoxifying herbal supplement and acts as a blood cleanser, which in turn improves the blood circulation in your body. As said earlier, Shilajit is rich in anti-oxidants and is thus, a great detoxifier that helps in eradicating toxins from your body and improving blood circulation. If you are someone suffering from health conditions due to poor blood circulation, heart problems, or even cholesterol, Shilajit is the natural supplement that will aid the treatment of these conditions without causing any side effects. However, consulting your doctor is important before you incorporate this herb into your routine. It prevents blood clots from forming and can prove to be great for people with serious heart problems. Its ability to purify blood can also help lower blood sugar levels. To keep serious illnesses at bay, stick to the use of Shilajit. 

Help in strengthening bones 

The fewest sunlight hours or darker days of winter can negatively impact your bones. Vitamin D that we get from sunlight encourages calcium absorption in the body and lack of it disrupts the formation of new bone tissue. Also, decreased calcium intake can lead to various bone issues. Shilajit is packed with minerals, calcium, and phytochemicals that help calcium to be easily absorbed by your body. 

It also helps strengthen bones and reduce inflammation besides protecting your body from diseases. Joint pain, back pain, sore muscles, are some common problems that aggravate during this chilled weather. So if you already have bone problems and conditions like arthritis, then consuming Shilajit is the best way to protect your bones and prevent such conditions from aggravating. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of Shilajit stop the calcium reduction from the bones and alleviate joint or bone pain. No matter what kind of painful bone condition you suffer from, be it arthritis or osteoarthritis, Shilajit is sure to help. To be a benefit of shilajit in winter seasons.

Help improve metabolism 

Laziness and inactivity are some problems that strike more during the winter season. People usually eat more during the winter season, as the digestive fire or Agni in our body is stronger in this season. Consumption of Shilajit ensures that your body properly absorbed the juices and enzymes from your body and thus, leads to an improved and proper metabolism in the body. Shilajit is a great natural herb to ingest during winters especially if you take heavy diets. Maintaining a healthy metabolism during winters is essential since it helps in clearing toxins from the body, improves blood circulation, increases immunity, improves mood, and provides energy to your body so you don’t feel tired or lazy during a cold winter day. So taking Shilajit ensures that you swiftly move through the winter season. 

Improves digestive system

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As we consume a heavy diet during winters, having an efficient digestive system is important. Taking Shilajit on a regular make certain that you have proper digestion and aids in alleviating problems such as bloating, nausea, acidity, indigestion, abdominal pain, etc. Therefore, Shilajit is excellent to consume during winters considering its wide range of benefits. However, it is important that you only consume the best-quality and original Shilajit as there are many fake Shilajit sold in the market. Shilajit is an all-rounder and a must-have herb if you suffer from any type of digestive issues. Winters increase our digestive potential and ingest heavy food items, so to help maintain the physiological process, Shilajit is the best supplement to add to your diet. To Pure Himalayan shilajit resin from the Gilgit Mountains.

Help alleviate stress to anxiety

Apart from assisting with efficient body functions, Shilajit is a potent supplement that helps reduce your stress and anxiety levels during winters. Winter is a gloomy season and the dark cold days of winter lowers our enthusiasm and might increase our stress levels as well. To make sure that you stay in good spirits, consuming Shilajit will help. Shilajit contains fulvic acid that acts as an anti-depression and helps instantly alleviate the mood. Moreover, this component help with Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and other major mental health issues. It also helps improve brain functions and makes you more productive. Shilajit is a top-notch herb to take in winters as the fulvic acid in it reduces the natural degeneration of neurons, which further helps in reducing stress and anxiety. If you care about your mental health, Shilajit is a supplement you cannot avoid.

Aids in preventing signs of ageing

Shilajit is an incredible source of antioxidants that work to prevent oxidative stress and free radical damage in the body. This also helps in preventing premature ageing by ensuring health and vitality. With so many health benefits such as maintaining energy, metabolism, and strengthening immunity, it is natural for it to be a great anti-ageing source. It is the best anti-ageing supplement and a great detoxifier helping in releasing toxins from your body. Shilajit is undoubtedly the best supplement to be used during winters.

We at Rasayanam, are the proud sellers of the Pure Himalayan Shilajit extracted from the region of Gilgit mountains in the Himalayas. We have a long list of satisfied customers from around the world who consume our Shilajit. 

To get the best-quality Shilajit extracted from the fertile ranges of the Himalayas, reach out to us!

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