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4.8 Stars across 20k reviews​ ★★★★★
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Discover 11 benefits of collagen for Skin you were never told

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Good skin is a symbol of class. It is a strong statement that you are healthy and you believe in deep self-care. It gives you even more confidence and allows you to spend less time on skin care. The acceptance of collagen is rapidly growing because modern lifestyles have impacted our lives deeply, and often, the first victim of a fast-paced life is our skin. Our skin always shows what’s going on with it. 

So, If you have been wondering about the benefits of collagen for the skin and whether you should take it or not, then this is for you. While everyone’s skin is beautiful, we still love smooth, clear, flawless skin. Is taking collagen for the skin worthwhile? Then You are at the right Place. Let’s explore some of the top benefits of taking collagen and how this helps you in your skincare routine.

What are the Benefits of Collagen for the Skin?

1. Maintain good skin elasticity.

What’s the difference between someone who looks aged and someone who looks young? It’s the skin elasticity. The skin of an aged person sags and looks crumpled. But when your skin has elasticity, it can stretch and return to its original shape and position neatly.

This smoothness comes from two proteins deep into the layer of the skin called Collagen and elastin. So, it becomes desirable that you have collagen supplements to keep the skin elastic and youthful.

2. Anti-aging properties of collagen

New research suggests that collagen not only makes wrinkles disappear, but it also boosts the rate of skin turnover. It means the old skin cells shed at a rapid rate. And new, healthier cells come up in their place. This improves the overall look and feel of the skin and keeps the effect of aging in check.

3. Hydrates and moisturizes skin

Many people assume that applying creams on top of the skin will remove the dryness. However, this is partially true. The dryness comes from the lack of the ability of the deep tissue to hold water. Collagen provides a framework for the tissue, and when there’s enough collagen production, the body naturally stays moist, and the dryness naturally disappears. 

4. Visibly removes stretch marks.

While stretch marks are signs of love & hard work and everybody should be proud of them. but if you feel you want to reduce them or they’re impacting your confidence and you need to erase them then collagen can help you do it. Stretch marks are essentially tears in the middle layer of the skin called the dermis due to rapid weight changes, pregnancy, or puberty. This is precisely the place where collagen works and improves the elasticity of the skin.

5. Protection against UV rays

collagen supplements for skin

UV rays create some of the most harmful effects on the skin as they penetrate deep into the layers and damage the dermis. Collage is found in the dermis so it gets healed when you supplement it. It creates a thick layer and ensures the adaptability of the skin to fight off the negative impact. However, it’s always a good idea to protect your skin from UV exposure.

6. Remove unsightly Cellulite

Cellulite refers to the wrinkles formed on the skin of the thighs, abdomen, and arms. It happens when the fat pushes through the connective tissue, giving it an uneven look. Although the research is limited, anecdotal evidence shows positive results. However, lifestyle changes go a long way.

7. Act against Pollutants and dirt

Pollutants increase the production of free radicals which break down collagen and elastin. They also clog the pores on the skin, which leads to acne and dull skin tone. Collagen acts against inflammation and removes those free radicals from the system. At the same time, it heals the cells that were damaged and provides new collagen and elastin for them.

8. Reduces Acne breakout

Although various factors like diet, hormones, and genetics play a huge role in the development of acne. But some studies suggest taking collagen can reduce skin inflammation and promote wound healing. This can benefit people suffering from acne.

9. Makes scars disappear 

A scar is disorganized or unorganized collagen fibers in the skin produced by the body’s natural healing process. With collagen supplementation, we can see the better organization of the collagen fiber, which eventually improves skin texture and appearance. And thus reduce the appearance of those scars.

10. Erase dark spots

collagen cream

Everybody hates dark spots. They are caused by an overproduction of melanin – when the spot becomes apparent through skin thinning. Collagen essentially boosts new skin cell growth, which thickens the sink. This evens out the skin tone, making it look clear.

11. Brings radiant glow

Blood vessels in the skin are essentially made from collagen. Additionally, collagen helps increase the production of nitric oxide, which improves blood flow. And when they grow resilient, they are able to circulate nutritious blood to every cell, giving you a healthy, radiant glow.

How should you take collagen for maximum benefit?

There are many forms of collagen, and probably all of them would work as they have collagen in them. But one of the best ways is to take collagen with biotin. Why? The simple reason is biotin promotes new cell growth. And it boosts metabolism. Whereas collagen provides the core structural material. So they work in synergy to produce amazing benefits for skin, nails, and hair.

Do you know animals produce most collagen?

Even though collagen has plenty of benefits, it turns off many people. Many companies cheaply produce collagen which has many chemicals and fillers products in them. not to mention the bad smell of animal bone. Most of us would like to enjoy the same benefit but with healthier and cleaner alternatives. 

Natural collagen is extracted from Soya. With Ayurvedic wisdom and modern techniques, now anyone can benefit from collagen without relying on animal products.

A word on a collagen face mask. While everyone has their skincare routines, overall they all work. But taking an oral collagen supplement has the added benefit of promoting the production of collagen. This way your body learns to keep its production channels going.

Nobody knows the long-term impact, but when you apply the topical collagen, although you supply the nutrients to the area, the effects are largely temporary. That’s why oral collagen is generally considered to be much better. And these days you even have liquid collagen with biotin!


So, we have seen that collagen has many benefits for the skin. And as we age, we lose our ability to produce collagen. That’s why many people prefer to take natural collagen to look their best.

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