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Why Indian Religions Consider Saffron A Spice of Divine

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Saffron is a miraculous herb that is not only great for health but is believed to bring great fortunes as well. It holds a special place in the rituals and is used in worship in Indian temples for pleasing the gods. In India, there are a lot of holy rituals such as poojas, yagyas, maha yajnas, and Saffron is used in performing all the rituals. 

This pious herb is believed to please the divine powers and evoke their blessings. So the Saffron has to be pure and of the highest quality in order to please the deities.

Use of Saffron in rituals, worships, and temples

Saffron paste is rubbed over various Hindi deities, and its paste is placed over the foreheads of the devotees in the form of ‘tilak,’ representing the blessings of God. It is also used in a lot of spiritual practices such as chakra meditation. Apart from that, here are some ways in which Saffron is used in Indian rituals and temples.

Saffron is yagnas, archana, Pooja, Grah Pooja, Mrityumjay Yagna, a home ceremony, Janmashtmi, Shiv Pooja, Diwali, and a lot of other Indian festivals. It is given or sacrificed with the other havan samagri (herbal preparations) to the sacred fire of the yagna. It is believed that the Saffron in worship gives to the fire and turns into a very pure and aromatic flame and produces a divine light symbolizing the purity of the fire. Devotees also smear Saffron paste on their forehead and belly or other parts, and chant mantras along as they sacrifice samagris to the agni (fire).

In Indian astrology, various yantras are prepared with Saffron ink as it is considered pure, sacred, and holy, and its aromatic fragrance is also believed to soothe the divine powers and get their blessings.

Saffron paste is used with red sandalwood to anoint the forehead of Hanumanji, who is a powerful Indian god. This practice is also considered useful in reducing the Mangal dosh of the individual.

The colour Saffron is also regarded as holy as the Saffron itself. A saffron-colored cloth piece with Saffron smeared over it is placed in the lockers where people keep their money and other precious assets. Doing this helps in invoking the blessings of the goddess Mahalaxmi, which is the goddess of money, wealth, and prosperity.

The benefits of Kesar milk or Saffron milk are known to all. If someone suffers from body weakness, he is advised to prepare Saffron milk, offer it to god, and then drink it every day. Offering it to god will bring good results in a short time.

There are endless uses of Saffron in Indian culture, and it can be used in various practices from solving marriage problems to money problems. And if you complete such practices with utmost belief it is sure to get the desired results with the blessings of God. Use Saffron or Kesar, to get wealthy, healthy, happier, and to have a successful married life. The colour and the herb itself is believed to bring all kinds of prosperity in one’s life.

Saffron is used in all religions and religious practices that stemmed from Hinduism. Buddha considers and uses it as a colour that will help them attain ‘moksha’ or salvation. It is a standard colour of clothing in the Sikh gurdwaras and Hindu temples. In Sikhism, the Saffron colour shows fights against injustice and for Hindus, it is the main religious colour.

Pure Kashmiri Mongra Saffron

To solve the issues of affordability and accessibility, Rasayanam brings you the best quality of pure and authentic Saffron that you cannot find elsewhere. We supply the premium quality of Kashmiri Mongra Saffron to our customers all over India. Our Saffron is Grade A1 quality, which is the highest quality of Saffron.

The Kashmiri Mongra Saffron that we supply is cultivated and harvested from the fertile lands of Pampore, J&K- a place that holds the legacy of providing extraordinary spices including pure Saffron. Our Saffron is 100% natural and exudes a lasting fragrance, which makes it excellent to be used for performing Indian rituals and worships.

Besides that, our Saffron contains great antioxidant properties and offers numerous health benefits such as enhancing immunity power, mind power, fighting diseases, improving digestion, vitality, and more. There are no additivities of colours used in the making of Kashmiri Mongra Saffron. So this Saffron is everything you need to serve all kinds of purposes whether you need it for rituals, for cooking, or to ingest it directly to reap its health benefits. Our Kesar prices for pure and high-quality Saffron are also reasonable considering the quality of Saffron we offer.

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